Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Koren & Andrew

Ok here am I again..... slackin'

This is a wedding that I did a few weeks back and it was such a blast! Koren & Andrew were so cool and laid back that it made my job CAKE! Not only were they cool, but their families and wedding party rocked as well! They had such a classic, simple wedding. nothing too flashy. exactly the way I would do it :) here are some of my favorite shots!

Also you can check out their whole slideshow here!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nature.... at its best and worst

So one of my favorite things about summer is the impromptu thunderstorms... I know its weird but its so fascinating! Well my sister and I were out having dinner last friday night and one of those crazy storms came rolling through. It was probably about 7pm and it rained for only about 15 minutes, and as it ended and the clouds parted there was this beautiful double rainbow made by the setting sun, that stretched across the sky ( the second one is lighter and above the visible one.... you can see it if you look close!) I wish i had a real camera with me to capture the true colors of the sky, it was a weird stormy grey green, with the orange glow of the setting sun.... and there were still legitimate bolts of lightning striking through the rainbow. Truly a beautiful display of nature at its loveliest and deadliest!

My New baby!

Ok guys a few catch up posts here!! I have been so busy with work that I seriously haven't had 5 mins to blog...I guess thats good tho right! So I just wanted to introduce you all to my new baby boy!!! YEAH!

oh yeah.... we can go muddin!

It just wouldn't be mine with out the butterfly tattoo

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hannah Banana goes to prom...

I grabbed these quick pics of my youngest sister Hannah on my way to RI this afternoon as she was on her way out the door to prom. Yes she is only a freshman but I guess is popular enough to go to prom... I guess thats what being 5'8 and blonde gets you ;) hahaha but she looked gorgeous in her lime green dress that almost camouflages with the trees in the background. I didn't get any with her date, B/c she was off to meet him but I hear they looked awesome! (he matched in black and green... oooh!) Hope she had a blast!!! (btw I took these w/ my new 1.8 lens and I LOVE the way the background is a blur!!! ahhh!)


Alright, before I run out the door... I wanted to post one more quick shoot I did on Friday. Alex is a super cool DJ and needed some shots. He plays mostly House/Trance/Techno but loves music no matter what he's playing. He is so passionate about what does and told me that there was no way to put in words how happy what he does makes him. If we only all loved our jobs that much! I totally know how you feel Alex, because thats the way I love what I do. He was so natural in front of the camera almost every shot I had of him looked great! He even had some great ideas like that super cool shot under the bridge. Alex I hope you love em!

Sneak Peak...

Im off to RI to meet up with one of my old friends from high school to do their e-session, but I wanted to show off a few shots from my engagement session yesterday! Justyna & Duarte are such a cute couple. Justyna has so much sass & attitude and it totally shows in her shots, and Duarte was so comfortable in front of the camera even making out in the middle of New Haven! Here are a quick few that I just grabbed! enjoy!