Thursday, April 17, 2008

A post even a mother could love....

One of the things that we as photographers do well is spend a lot of time on other people.
What we don't do is spend a lot of time on us.

I know myself, getting up at 6 am, working 2 jobs, and finally getting home around 10-11 just to go to bed... Im not really leaving ANY me time. Last night Mrs. Mary Marantz and I were discussing what we would do if we had one whole day to ourselves. Thinking about it I have decided this...

If I had one whole day to do anything I wanted I would spend it with my family. I know this sounds cheesy but hear me out!
I have a VERY close family, but even more so when I was little... I am the oldest of 4 kids and my brothers and sisters are like built in friends. Some of my most fond memories are with them. Whether it's building forts outside in the snow, dressing my brother up lie a girl because we didn't have enough girls to put on a proper production of "Annie" (sorry Ry-Guy) or going on family vacations. Now that we are all growing up... we never really ALL get together all day.

Its sad to know that our individual lives have formed over the our "family" life we had as kids. My mom finally drove her mini van into the ground & she is dying for a new one. We have tried to talk her into a sensible little ride... but she insists she needs a family car... I don't think she has the heart to admit that we'll probably never all sit in the back seat anymore... and we can't break her heart to tell her that those days of us driving to our family vacation, in our Crown Victoria, with the seats folded down, and a mattress in the back are gone.

(my mom was the photographer, plus I think she'd kill me if I posted a pic of here on my blog!)

Between me working crazy hours, my sister Emily & her Bf Sam, Hannah just getting into High School and having a social life... and I think my brother is just too cool for us.... So I would love to spend a whole day w/ my Mom, Dad, Ryan, Emily & Hannah. No where else to go, no work, no cell phones... having fun together!

I love you guys and you are my world!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I can cut people in half!!!

Ok I know this is a bazaar title for a post.... so I started it off with a picture to explain myself. I know its weird to have a desire to cut someone's face in half... but I LOVE the way it looks!!! call me crazy, but its HOTT!

I spent the last 2 days in Boston at Doug Gordon's The Sexy Side of the Bride and Groom seminar... and MAN was it sexy! He is a hilarious guy, plus he knows a thing or two about posing... I have been so sick of the same old stuff and just the inspiration of it all was great! We had some super hot models (Brei those eyes kill me!) and it was a super small class of only 16 photogs so it was really intimate. It was wonderful to have someone to shoot next to, compare the image and be corrected.... (something there is no time for on a wedding day!) Now I'm not going to say that everything he does is going to work for me. But damn it got the ideas ROLLING. I'm totally looking forward to taking the stuff I learned and turing it into my own. Watch out!

Check out a slideshow of my images from today... they are killer and its gonna be a new addition to the HeatherStyle!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Last weekend I had the pleasure of working w/ the Brotman family for Cate's Bat Mitzvah. They were such a nice family and their party rocked!!! Check out the entire slideshow but here are just a few of my favorites!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The wonderful Stuart & Capri

This afternoon I got to hang w/ the very awesome Stuart Gellis from Capri Albums and see all the new things they have to offer! There are some amazing new products including metal & glass insert covers. Im so excited I already ordered a few! YEAH!!! Thanks Stu! Pam and I also planed a trip to their production plant at the end of the month so we can see the books being made! Feild trip!!!!! (hahaha)