Thursday, September 27, 2007

The wedding of Mary & Justin.... PUG Style!

I have to say, last nights pug meeting has done it! Its offical, there are 30 new crazy people in the state of CT... and watch out we're contagious!!! Last nights pug meeting consisted of the usual studio spotlight, this months was with RE and his fab workflow! Well done Rich! Then we broke up for a "team" building excersize. This consisted of tossing Justin into a suit... and a mullet wig & Mary into a dress... (formally of trash the dress.. Sundae style! Bravo to Carla's assistant for the fantastic cleaning job... I didn't know you could get a dress once covered in hot fudge & sprinkes that white! good job)

Besides looking like Billy-Bob & Madonna (ala the Like a Virgin video) and having a cast and crew of bridal party, family, Depino as a wonderful wedding coordinator, Gary Fong officiating (and slashing prices!) along with the very important RE & Michelle behind the cameras it was a hilarious evening filled with laughter & a few tears for the soon to be Mr & Mrs Marantz. we love you both and hope that all your wedding day wished come true. We're all praying for the best weather possible... and a life time of happiness! because I was a grooms-maid i don't have any pictures yet... but you'd better believe there will be LOTS to come!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

PartnerCon LA

PartnerCon LA was so much fun and I met so many great people! I can't wait to start trying out all the stuff I learned!!! Mary & Justin were right. There is NOTHING like the LA expeiance!! Thanks to Kiss & Show It for sponsoring the after party! it was so much fun to be able to mingle and hang with all the speakers and get to know alot of people outside the "BLOG" world. Check out The Kissing Booth to see all the shots taken!!! Also thanks to Loren Scott who I know we all have grabbed pics from that we have been unable to get ourselves! Thanks man for capturing the confrence so well!!! I have finally had time to go through my pictures, and I put together a little slideshow! I know its long.... and the song rolls over a few times... but its friday people... I'll fix it monday! enjoy!

Some Pug Love

OK... I know I have been a little lazy posting... but I got super slammed before L.A. and I am just starting to catch up. I wanted to share with you guys some of my images from a wedding I shot with the amazing and talented Carla Ten Eyck a few weeks ago. She is truly an inspiration to me, and as I explaned it to her... shooting with her is like going to church! Her direction, vision, and energy as a friend and a photographer has been one of the contributing factors to the jump in my recent work. I feel that she, along with our entire PUG has brought me to new levels not only as a photographer, but as a person. I can't wait to see whats in store for me! With every meeting, shootout, night out... or afternoon chilling w/ the PUG... my confidence in my talent grows, and also with a huge bank of amazing photogs to learn from, how couldn't it! I challange you all to look at your work since our PUG started... Look at what an impact it has made on all of us! I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for making me REALLY good at what I love to do!! Now for the results:

Sunday, September 9, 2007

This guy obviously doesn't use a Mac!

I know this is dangerous but I saw this license plate while I was driving on the highway this weekend to an engagement shoot in Watch Hill RI... and I needed to get a shot of it to post! Good thing I had a camera right next to me!!

I figured since all of us....(well most of us) are Mac dorks out there... we would get a kick out of this. And for all you PC users...(shame shame) Im sure you'll nod knowingly to the image below.... haha

Paula & Dan's Engagement Shoot

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Paula & Dan for their engagement shoot in Watch Hill RI. They were so much fun and such a beautiful couple! We had a blast at sunset shooting out on the beach. I cannot wait for the wedding. I did have time to put together a slideshow of them... so enjoy! Otherwise, Im gonna make this a quick post because I have got to finish packing.... I have only a few hours left until I leave for L.A.!!! YEAH :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Painting the town!

My beautiful friend Krista and I decided to have a little fun this week and venture down to New Haven to do a little photo shoot... (I like to do these in my spare time... as if I didn't spend enough time behind the camera... right!) So anyways at our little Pug get-together last week I was informed about this amazing graffiti wall on Water St. SO.... Krista and I hiked right on down there and did some killer shots! We also crashed the Yale campus for a softer feel.... I could photograph her all day.. She is so beautiful and fun to hang out with! Here are a few of them that I needed to share! Enjoy!