Wednesday, August 29, 2007


YEAH!!! I had to show off my new lens to everyone....... isn't it pretty :)

Look out work..... Im gonna ROCK you now!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Aimee & Chris

When I first met Aimee & Chris I was so excited to work with them. They are so fun and happy.... and totally love each other so much! I knew it was gonna be a perfect match from the start. Ironically their last names are Glassic and Dill and I have delightyfully referred to them as "my pickles" since I met them almost a year and a half ago. To my ammusment one of Aimee's bridesmaides came up with the most cleaver t-shirts for the girls for the batchelorette... I loved them so much that I had to share!!!

so entertaining :) I love it:
Here is a slideshow of my favs!


I had a blast working with .com this weekend! Even thought the wedding was a little out of the norm, and poor steve lost a lens, it was still great to work beside him. He really is entertaining & very fun to work with. i grabbed a bunch of cute shots of him working I'll post those & some of my pics from the wedding as soon as they finish downloading.... *gd raw files*

Friday, August 24, 2007


I know you have all been waiting.... and it was finally in stock... so I ordered my fancy new lens from Nikon. the 17-55 comes HIGHLY recommended from miss Ten Eyck and Im SUPER excited to get it. Work.... get ready to be taken to the next level!! :)

ooohh.. PS Look for some fun images to be posted soon... Im 2nd shooting with .com tomorrow! so psyked! YEAH :)

Monday, August 20, 2007


Saturday was my 3rd weekend in a row at Waters Edge Resort in Westbrook... You'd think that I'd be a pro there by now, But every trip proves to hold new obstacles. Whether its a packed beach, bright sun or what seems like 20 wedding parties.... its always a challenge. This weeked was very easy. The weather was unseasonably beautiful... (Who knew you could even get a mid 70's, no humidity day and clear skies in August!!) My couple was awesome, and so was the wedding party. I think I have had some of my best wedding this year by far! Great locations and super cool people!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Water's Edge... week 2

I had the pleasure of shooting w/ the fabulous Mary & Justin from Justin Marantz Photography at Waters Edge in Westbrook. It was such a learning experience getting to see the way that other photographers shoot (considering I always shoot alone) I got some great idea's w/ group shots and some explanations on the question.... "how'd they get that shot?" I thought I'd share a few of my shots with ya'll! Enjoy!

1..2..3.. Vogue

Mary grabbin a killer shot... thats how we shootsac! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Alicia & Marcus

Ok Im back posting a little here but I wanted to share Alicia & Marcus' wedding with you all. I met them last year and right off the bat you could tell that this was true love. Marcus & Alicia adore eachother, and it showed in every moment of their wedding day! I am so honered that I got to share the most special day of their lives with them and their families. They were all an amazing group of people, and you could tell how much love surrounds all of them. I want to them & their fantastic wedding party for such a great day.... and honestly one of my favorite weddings of all time! Thanks guys!

Check out their slideshow, its a little on the long side... but super fun!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

My weekend so far....

Well..... that weekend has finally arrived where I have to pack my things and go..... :(
I planned to begin and end my weekend with a bang.... but so far its seems to have all backfired... It all began last night with Michelle & Dean...

We planned an evening hanging out (so they could see my place before I left) and we had a brilliant idea that we should go dancing at the Cadillac Ranch... here we are all gussied up to go dancin' & Dean brought along the perfect accessory... A Dodge 2500 Pick-up truck that he just bought to resell (thats what he does.... sells cars) YEA-HAW!! We would arrive in the equivalent of a redneck benz (Cowboys wanted... Big trucks preferred!) we got about a 1/2 a mile from my house and ran out of diesel (the gage did NOT read empty by the way!!) SO we proceeded to walk a mile (yes in heals) to the truck stop to get fuel (we didn't think of walking back the 1/2 mile of flat road to my house to get my truck.... who was the brains of this operation?) then from the truck stop I decided to call and wake up my neighbor (its 12:30 am) to come save us b/c we refused to walk back carrying 5 gal. worth of diesel. However while waiting Michelle and I found some super fancy biker chick vests... fringe & all, we took a visual for all you people wondering what we look like at 2 am, after a mile walk in heals, in biker vests.... wait no more currious people... here ya go!

Too bad i only had my camera phone :(

All seem to be looking up upon returning to the truck... Sitting there all lonely on the side of the road.... flashers on.... interior lights on.... SHIT! who did THAT! all gassed up and still.... no truck... dead battery AHHHH!! Michelle & I returned to the gas station to butter up the guy behind the counter to let us now borrow some jumper cables... ( which for some reason they didn't have any used ones.... some gas station... thank god we were helpless looking chicks!!!) so he opened a package for us and we brought them back to Dean. Unfortunately my little car battery couldn't give the HUGE truck the boost it needed, and as the cheery man from roadside assistance said... "I can't get any one who wants to come out THERE at this time of the night" (gosh people I live in Southington... not Timbuktu!) Needless to say I returned Michelle & Dean to their home, where I stayed b/c it was now after 3am where I slep the night w/ a bunny rabbit chewing on his cage... and awoke to the new tenants moving in (BANGING on the wall at 9am!) Poor Michele had a wedding to do, and Dean had to get up at 8 to go get the truck and a battery for a camcorder they needed for the wedding as well... While I had to go home and rent a storage unit, pack & move all day!!

Hopefully tomorrow will be looking up considering I am working with the fabulous and talented Mary & Justin at the Waters Edge in Westbrook. I will let you all know how that goes (b/c Im sure your dying to know!) anyways I am off to bed to get some rest... I have to be up REALLY early! Goodnight all!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

First Annual Pug Retreat!

I just wanted to thank all my fellow Puggers, and Amanda Harris for an amazing 2 days in the Birkshires! Not only did I get to hang out with all the super cool people I already knew, but I also got to know the beautiful and amazing Michelle Huston of Picture Perfect She is such a talented photographer and a wonderful person. (too bad it took her getting hit in the head w/ a football to spark a friendship.... but im glad it did!) We had so much fun hanging out, that even after the retreat we went for dinner and chatted all night long. I want to thank her, and Dean (her super awesome bf) for being great people with such open arms. You guys are GREAT! I see a wonderful friendship in bloom :) :)
I will get around to posting some more pics later but I wanted to put one up of me & my new bff Michelle! Here's to us girl!

don't we look super funny with Carla's fancy fisheye!! haha

Friday, August 3, 2007

Aimee & Chris

I had a great engagement session w/ Aimee & Chris this morning... I busted out the edit b/c Im away most of the week next week on our SUPER fun PUG retreat. Here are some of the images from our morning in fabulous Guilford!