Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kate & Jeremy's Slideshow

So here is the slideshow from Kate & Jeremy's wedding last weekend! Enjoy!

Monday, June 25, 2007

I couldn't write a better review myself!!

So today I received an email from the father of the bride of my June 9th wedding, which happened to be one of my favorite couples of the year!!! I loved them & the location (the beautiful Guilford Yacht Club) The weather was not the best, but it cleared up long enough to do portraits outside! I was so happy to work with Heather, Sean & their families... and it was all worth it when her father forwared me this email this morning.

"Hi, Heather -
I just thought I would send this one review on to you from a guest at the wedding. It is just indicative of MANY, MANY comments I have received. Everyone that has seen your photos or was there that night thought you were great. And I totally agree. Thanks, again, Heather. You are one of the great ones. Please feel free to use me as a reference if you like.

------ Forwarded Message:

Okay – I can’t tear myself away. I have NEVER seen so many nor such BEAUTIFUL pictures from ONE event – ever!! Heather (Photographer) must have caught every single person and every moment of the evening. I can’t even remember seeing her but obviously she was there. You really found a winner in Powerstation!! Wish I had an event – I’d book her without another thought. The only problem is going to be which to choose copies of – good luck!!!!!"

Um hellooo... I couldn't write a review this good if i tried!!! It's so nice when your efforts are noticed, especially by guests!

P.S. I attached the slideshow below!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kate & Jeremy

I had the pleasure of working with Kate and Jeremy in Beautiful New Haven today. Although it was sunny and windy, it was a beautiful day none the less. Not to mention i had a gorgeous couple to work with. Despite the extreme conditions i think i got some pretty good stuff! Here are a few samples until i get the slideshow up and posted. Enjoy!

Friday, June 22, 2007

My little Sisters Graduated!

This week both of my younger sisters made a milestone jumpin life. My youngest sister Hannah graduated from eighth grade!!

And my middle sister Emily graduated from High School!

I love you both!

I love you all!

I know I have never posted more than once in a day, but I just spent the last few hours blog surfing (if you will) alot of the blogs of my fellow PUGGERS. You guys are all amazing!! I am so proud to stand along all of you to represent CT. Sometimes this industry is lonley. Alot of us spend most weekends & holidays working and then what seems like everyday editing, designing, meeting w/ clients, dropping off albums... and in our spare time.... seeing what we can do to better our business'. Its nice to know that we now have a group to help us do this AND have fun at the same time. We are no longer the fish swimming alone, we have the whole school to help us! So with that I say.... I love you all!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

June Pug meeting!

So, Last night was our June pug meeting hosted by Steve Depino at this house in Guilford. We had 45 photograhers there!!! WOW our little group is growing up!! I know that myself & everyone else had a great time so thank you Steve! Speaker Millie Holloman was awesome and i grabbed a few of the group shots off her blog to post on here! Millie you were full of great southern inspiration for us!! THANK YOU, and your welcome back anytime! I also learned through the grapevine that we raised $54 for The Portrait House , through the million faces campaign... and some great faces we had!! The very funny & talented Robert Norman has all the shots posted... So go check them out! Thank you to all the fellow puggers for being such a great family!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

First annual Pug Shoot out!

Ok i know im totally late on this but i had so much fun last week at the First annual CT Pug Shootout!!! I cannot wait to do it again! i think we should challange ourselves one every few months w/ something like this! explore all the seasons!! I got to work with some amazing photographers including the amazing Carla Ten Eyck (go nikon!!), Amanda from Orchard Cove Photography , Travis Flynn & the beautiful Teresa Wagner of Matt Wagner Photography ! I thought i'd post a few of my images for everyone to see!!

I think Carla caught some of that cold sound water right up the pant leg! made for an awesome shot though!

Teresa Looked beautiful in the sand... Even though we had to get some coaxing from her husband Matt

Travis!! all i can say is you were totally brave to jump right in the water and strike a crazy pose with this umbrealla... goes to show that you have no choices when your working w/ 4 determined females!! haha sorry, but its a killer shot!

Amanda looks like she belongs in a lands end catologe! Beautiful!

Thanks so much to out hosts Jackie & Chris, and to the wonderful miss Ten Eyck, Mary & Justin for organizing it! It was GREAT!